Subject: "make plist" is broken (before package is installed)
To: None <>
From: Rhialto <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/27/2004 15:20:05
If I do this, I get that:

    /vol1/rhialto/cvs/pkgsrc/x11/Xrender$ make plist
    cannot read libtool archive `./lib/'

When the message is printed, the current directory is /usr/pkg, and
./lib/ does not exist yet at that time.

make plist uses ${PLIST} which uses ${_PLIST_AWK_SCRIPT} which uses
${_PLIST_AWK_SUBST} which uses ${_PLIST_AWK_LIBTOOL} which is

    system("cd ${PREFIX} && ${SH} ${_PRINT_LA_LIBNAMES} " $$0)

and ${_PRINT_LA_LIBNAMES} is ${.CURDIR}/../../mk/scripts/print-la-libnames .

This is annoying since pkg_hack uses this, and it is still an invaluable
tool for avoiding the upgrade hell (despite its little problems of

Any idea how to fix it? Maybe not try to use the .la file in ${PREFIX}
but one in the work directory? How to find it?

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