Subject: Re: problem with tiff distfile?
To: Gavan Fantom <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/25/2004 10:56:19
> From: Gavan Fantom <>
> On Sat, 16 Oct 2004, Greg Troxel wrote:
> > The distfile is normally over ftp, and I find that fetching it over
> > http gets it wrong (crlf issues, and I forget the details).  I suspect
> > that the file has crlf in it and is normally fetched in binary mode,
> > but that the http proxy translates it to/from wrong, but I never
> > figured it out.
> This is why there's at least one download site available by each of HTTP 
> and FTP.
> FAILOVER_FETCH may be useful here.

Multiple methods don't help me, because the first fetch succeeds
(i.e., gets bits into the file and exits with status 0) but gets the
wrong bits.  Then 'make extract' fails on checksum.