Subject: right way to deal with ancient versions? (gnome-pilot)
To: None <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/24/2004 17:49:57
gnome-pilot is at 0.1.71, which uses Gnome 1.  I believe the current
version is 2.0.12, and that uses Gnome 2.  I have updated my local
pkgsrc so that comms/gnome-pilot is 2.0.12, adding gob2, needed for
the build, in wip/gob2.  It seems to mostly work, but not 100% - it
fails to report the last sync time, but did back up the files on my

gnome-pim in pkgsrc is the gnome 1 version, and requires gnome-pilot,
and the gnome2 sources for gnome-pim seem not to have been updated
since 2002.  This seems abandoned, but some people may be using it.
Thus, gnome-pilot can't simply be upgraded since gnome-pim will no
longer build.  I can't find anything else that depends on gnome-pilot.

I think the right thing is:
  move wip/gob2 to devel/gob2
  rename gnome-pilot to gnome1-pilot, adjusting gnome-pim
  update gnome-pilot to 2.0.12

It might be easier to make gnome2-pilot, but that leaves gnome-pilot
looking preferred.  Is the rename the best path?  If so I'll submit a

        Greg Troxel <>