Subject: audio/arts odd references to .buildlink directory
To: None <>
From: Tyler Mitchell <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/23/2004 11:18:09

After receiving the SAs on tiff and sox, I decided to rebuild a number of 
packages; running "make update" in sox pretty much rebuilt everything for 
me, including arts-1.3.1.

Yesterday, I tried to run mplayer like:

 	$ mplayer -ao arts dvd://1

and it failed, saying:

AO: [arts] loading the aRts backend

which is odd -- there should be no references to files in .buildlink!

$ objdump -sj .rodata /usr/pkg/lib/     file format elf32-i386

Contents of section .rodata:
  46c0 2f757372 2f706b67 7372632f 61756469  /usr/pkgsrc/audi
  46d0 6f2f6172 74732f77 6f726b2e 69333836  o/arts/work.i386
  46e0 2f2e6275 696c646c 696e6b2f 6c69622f  /.buildlink/lib/
  46f0 6c696261 72747363 6261636b 656e642e  libartscbackend.
  4700 6c610000 00000000 00000000 00000000  la..............
  47e0 6c6f6164 696e6720 74686520 61527473  loading the aRts
  47f0 20626163 6b656e64 20222f75 73722f70   backend "/usr/p
  4800 6b677372 632f6175 64696f2f 61727473  kgsrc/audio/arts
  4810 2f776f72 6b2e6933 38362f2e 6275696c  /work.i386/.buil
  4820 646c696e 6b2f6c69 622f6c69 62617274  dlink/lib/libart
  4830 73636261 636b656e 642e6c61 22206661" fa
  4840 696c6564 00000000 00000000 00000000  iled............

Here is my uname:

Sun Sep 19 18:36:50 PDT 2004
/usr/obj/sys/arch/i386/compile.i386/MONOPOLE i386

Can anyone shed any light on what happened?


Tyler Mitchell