Subject: AIX...
To: None <>
From: Michael <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/23/2004 00:23:06

just a few comments/questions.
in mk/platforms/ the variables that hold linker flags are a bit weird:
- to export all symbols the -E flag is used - AIX 4.3.2's ld doesn't understand that, it needs -bexpall
- the equivalent to --whole-archive would be -bnogc ( NO Grabage Collection ), --no-whole-archive would be -bgc, although these work a little different than with GNU ld and apparently influence the whole linking process, not only what follows in the command line so that might not be too useful.

The question - is that any different on newer AIX versions or are these settings only leftovers?
Then - the grep that comes with the OS barfs when it sees lines that are longer than 2048 bytes which breaks a few packages. Maybe we should default to ggrep from pkgsrc whenever possible. Similar problems exist in m4 and awk.
And at last - is there any reason to default to SH?=/bin/sh instead of /usr/bin/ksh? AIX's sh sometimes produces weird errors and has problems with multiple quoting levels which ksh doesn't have. I changed it for me and so far it works fine, are there any known compatibility issues?

have fun