Subject: Re: audio/flac broken with 2.0
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: Michael <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/18/2004 22:24:10

> The following commands for ex(1) will fix the asm:
> g/;/ s//#/
> g/[^a-z]r[0-9]/ s/\([^a-z]\)r\([0-9]\)/\1%r\2/g
> g/[^a-z]cr[0-9]/ s/\([^a-z]\)cr\([0-9]\)/\1%cr\2/g
> g/[^a-z]v[0-9]/ s/\([^a-z]\)v\([0-9]\)/\1%v\2/g
> g/hi16(.*)/ s;hi16(\(.*\));\1@h;
> g/lo16(.*)/ s;lo16(\(.*\));\1@l;
> wq
> and make it assemble with the NetBSD gas.  Feel free to adapt
> them to sed or whatever method make you happy. :)

Not quite, at least not on AIX. I tried it with gas 2.15 and it barfs about the @l and @h syntax ( it didn't understand hi16() and lo16() either ). Couldn't try it on NetBSD yet, maybe gas tries to be sort of compatible to each platform's native assembler :/

have fun