Subject: pkgsrc-2004Q3 maintained?
To: None <>
From: Roman Kennke <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/18/2004 00:10:27
Hi there,

First I must say, that I am pretty new (some weeks
experience) to NetBSD (and really like it!) and don't
completely understand its CVS tagging and branching scheme.

It was announced thatpkgsrc-2004Q3 is the new stable branch
of the pkgsrc tree and that all maintainence will go there.
So I started out installing software with this branch. I
suppose when it is called maintained, this means that
security fixes and corrections (like changed download
locations) go in there. Now I noticed for instance the
firefox port, which is still at 0.10 in 2004Q3 (which has
security flaws) but is already at 0.10.1 (corrected) in the
main trunk. Shouldn't this also be committed to 2004Q3 ??

Another example is tiff, which is at 3.6.1 in 2004Q3. The
upstream tiff library is at 3.7.0 and the 3.6.1 download
has moved to a different location.

Should I consider this stuff as bugs and file reports for
it? Or am I wrong in my assumptions and better go with the
main trunk to get fixes in? But then a 'stable' branch
would be pretty useless...

Please shed some light on this!

Kind regards,