Subject: Re: Notes on IRIX build of firefox, thunderbird and gimp2
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/17/2004 11:54:06
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Staffan Thom=E9n <> wrote:
> I built firefox-gtk2, thunderbird-gtk2 and gimp2 on my IRIX 6.5 system=20
> and allthough the new wrapper for libtool and buildlink3 make things=20
> work almost out of the box(kudos to whomever made this! The random=20
> breakage is gone!), there are a few things I bumped into.

That's great to hear - thanks to Johnny Lam for the wrappers and
buildlink magic!

> Secondly, fam is native on IRIX, so it's rather useless to build it (it=
> even won't build, not finding -lstdlibc++ or somesuch) and with this,
> programs trying to pull it in won't try to build it.

I see that you submitted PR 27264 on this.  Could you append your patch
and the additional info to that PR?

> There's a slight problem though, IRIX needs programs to use -lC (capital=
> C) along with -lfam to get all symbols resolved. I fixed this by
> setting LIBS=3D'-lC' when building gnome-vfs, the package I built that
> wanted fam (which is also odd because the CONFIGURE_ARGS says --disable-f=
> Perhaps the can be altered to add -lC to the lib-flags
> for packages pulling in fam on IRIX?

Yes, the fam buildlink should do the right thing here:  (a) not build a
package since IRIX includes fam and (b) pass the right LDFLAGS.

> Can't think of anything else that would break for now... Maybe someone=20
> else using irix has some use for this. pkgsrc is getting to the point=20
> that I would recommend it instead of sgi's freeware system. We still=20
> have fewer dependencies ;-)

Yay! :-)


This one's tricky. You have to use imaginary numbers, like eleventeen...

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