Subject: Re: pkglint and COMMENT
To: Dan McMahill <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/15/2004 16:49:51
On Fri, 15 Oct 2004, Dan McMahill wrote:

> I can reproduce it on my system.  Not sure when this started happening.

I am glad I am not the only one :)

My problem is under NetBSD 1.6.2_STABLE with perl 5.6.1 (5.6.1nb7) and
pkglint 3.91.

Version 3.76 under Linux with perl 5.8.3. No problems (but using same NFS
mounted pkgsrc).

So I did a bmake update for pkglint and pkglint 3.92 still no problems.

Then I updated on the NetBSD box to 3.92. And now it is fixed!

By the way, if PORTSDIR is not part of pkgsrc, that part of pkglint should
be removed.

 Jeremy C. Reed

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