Subject: Re: Anyone using zope25-CMFPlone? Update needed
To: None <>
From: Laurent DAVERIO <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/13/2004 10:59:06
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> Actually, just because they are in pkgsrc does not mean that you have
> to use them. ;)  And there are some advantages to using pkgsrc.

Yes, of course ! My point was just that: although pkgsrc offers "only" Zope 2.5 
at the moment, it must not keep pkgsrc users from installing Zope 2.7 by hand, 
as this is almost a no-brainer (unlike, for example, building a threaded Python 
2.3 interpreter). And this is possible because, fortunately, pkgsrc handles the 
hard part for us (building Python and its imaging/dbms/... modules).

> Ah, but as I said, you do not have to use pkgsrc, or change to the new
> version when pkgsrc changes.  And your point about the version issues
> is a strong argument for pkgsrc.  After all, why should everyone have
> to figure out that particular combinations of Python + Zope + Plone do
> not work??  Anyone maintaining the new pkgsrc packages (I certainly
> will be submitting them with my name as the maintainer) will hopefully
> have the intelligence, time and knowledge to make sure that things
> work before committing changes.

True, but some problems may not be easy to spot for a package maintainer alone, 
eg. the complex interaction between Zope's session machinery and Plone (Plone 
makes a heavy use of it, and often breaks it to the point that you have to 
restart your Zope server), or the missing builtins in the "broken" Zope 2.6.4 
release. Moeover, some problems are platform-specific, eg. insufficient stack 
size in Python 2.1/FreeBSD, or multihtread problems in Redhat Linux. And if one 
decides to backtrack to an older version, one usually finds that pkgsrc/Freebsd 
Ports/whatever no longer offers it (unless you play with CVS tag, I suppose)

Basically, I stand in agreement with you. It's just that I had never met such a 
"dependency hell" before I started developing Plone sites (Note : I remain a 
Plone fane nonetheless), which makes me feel that common pkgsrc/port usages 
might not fully apply here...

Bye for now,



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