Subject: _TOOLS_REPLACE in
To: None <>
From: Hiramatsu Yoshifumi <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/12/2004 05:49:42

In mk/, _TOOLS_REPLACE is handled:

# Are we using a GNUish system tool in place of the needed GNU tool?
.for _tool_ in ${_TOOLS}
.  for _pattern_ in ${_TOOLS_REPLACE_OPSYS.${_tool_}}
.    if !empty(MACHINE_PLATFORM:M${_pattern_})
_TOOLS_REPLACE.${_tool_}=       YES
.    endif
.  endfor
.endfor _TOOLS

Because the purpose of _TOOLS_REPLACE is not to depend on pkgsrc version of
GNU tools, _TOOLS_NEED_GNU.${_tool_} should be set to "NO" here?

// Hiramatsu Yoshifumi