Subject: Re: Anyone using zope25-CMFPlone? Update needed
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Douglas Wade Needham <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/11/2004 17:00:50

Quoting Jeremy C. Reed (
> According to PR 27214, www/zope25-CMFPlone is out-of-date.
> If you use zope25-CMFPlone and have time to do an update, please assist.


I don't know if you posted your message after seeing my reply to Simon
Gerraty, or if it is just coincidence.  In that message, which I sent
Saturday (Message-ID: <>) I
stated that I have versions of Zope, CMF, CMFPlone and some other Zope
related packages.  A full list of those packages is included in that
message, along with some other information which you might want to
read if you have not already done so (and if possible, reply to the
email address I put, sans-domain, in my message).  But I will gladly
assist.  Plone and many of the other Zope related packages are
woefully out-of-date.  The version in pkgsrc is version 1.0.3, and I
have been working with 2.0.3 (which has already been superceeded by

A couple of important items:

1) I am updating the entire set of Zope packages to be a little more
   independent in terms of the Zope version.  As a result, I am
   dealing with packages with names like zope2-CMF.

2) I have not finished updating all the packages which were present in
   pkgsrc as www/zope25-* 

3) I have seen build problems related to a couple of the Zope packages
   I was working on, which seem to be related to problems building the
   Python package upon which they depend.  I will be looking at these
   in the next few days after I finish addressing some issues related
   to my upgrades to 2.0RC2 and -current (which I finally managed to
   do after fixing xview).

4) If you are interested in seeing the work in progress, please see my
   previous message.

5) Do you have any ideas how we should go about getting these into
   pkgsrc?  Should we take them through pkgsrc-wip, or go directly to

- Doug

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