Subject: p5-MIME-tools version outdated
To: None <>
From: S L <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/11/2004 21:45:49

looking at the link :
your version of MIME-tools is outdated : 
- new version is : 5.414
- new author is : DSKOLL
- new page is :

beware you have to run p5-MIME-Base64 3.03 at least (latest in 3.05),
so you'll have to bump this version too. 

Upgrade is really needed for people using products such as
MIMEDefang/amavisd-new/Mailscanner see :
(bugs, additional features and better detection of evil MIME messages)

A great amount of work has been done by Martin Blapp
(FreeBSD fellow)....