Subject: NFS-Mounted pkgsrc and qt3-libs (on Linux)
To: None <>
From: Louis Guillaume <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/11/2004 12:26:39

I've posted in the last month or so about strange problems with qt3-libs 
and qt3-tools (on Linux) not building. Basically the Makefiles generated 
by various project files keep getting blanked out and an infinite loop 
happens. This behaviour was inconsistent too.

On Slackware 9.1 I was able to actually get qt3-libs to build (after it 
had failed several times) but for some reason qt3-tools wouldn't build 
at all. After upgrading to Slackware 10, the build of qt3-libs failed 
the same way.

Since my pkgsrc is an NFS-Mounted volume, I decided to try changing 
WRKOBJDIR to somewhere on the local disk.... qt3-libs built, first time 
without a hitch. qt3-tools is now building.

Can anyone verify there is a problem with pkgsrc-on-NFS and qt3-libs or 
perhaps give a counterexample?

I haven't been able to test on NetBSD yet. Also - all other packages 
seem to be building ok on the NFS volume.