Subject: Dependencies, versions, "update hell"
To: None <>
From: Magnus Eriksson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/10/2004 03:34:14
  I'm building on of those "big" packages; in my case qt3, and I'm yet
again struck by how many minor updates to distant dependencies there seems
to be.  And I mean minor, like png 1.2.6 to png 1.2.6nb1 or
xcursor-1.1.1nb1 to xcursor-1.1.1nb2 to pick two that just popped up.

  How come this always happens?  I suppose it's possible that it is
because the person making the QT package keeps his pkgsrc tree up to date,
and sets the dependencies accordingly.  But I don't really believe it.  Is
someone creating these extremely minor updates to the dependencies just to
mess with me?  Shouldn't something like png or jpeg be mature enough to be
stable over, say, a month -- at least occasionally?

  Are revisions bumped to deal with the building process (like, "on X-OS,
package Y won't compile unless we change package Z, so let's bump Z so
people will update it")?  (I've always believed version numbering would be
that of the specific piece of software itself)  Or are you guys doing this
just to see if things break?  :-)

  Seriously, I'd like to know.