Subject: Re: pkgsrc on Solaris
To: Robert Lillack <>
From: Gavan Fantom <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/07/2004 16:52:08
On Thu, 7 Oct 2004, Robert Lillack wrote:

> Gavan Fantom wrote:
>> At present roughly half of pkgsrc builds on Solaris. Recent infrastructure
>> changes have made a significant difference on Solaris, and should prove to
>> be useful in fixing common problems in the not too distant future.
> [...]
> One thing that could be useful to achive this goal (half of the
> packages work) is manually setting
> AWK=/opt/local/pkg/bin/gawk
> in /etc/mk.conf *after* installing gawk from pkgsrc. Also, many
> packages seem to have trouble with Solaris' sed and need
> USE_GNU_TOOLS+=sed in their Makefile. I'm going to report these,
> if I find the time.

I suppose running a bulk build on the same source tree with and without 
USE_GNU_TOOLS+=sed in /etc/mk.conf (and the same for awk) and comparing 
the difference would give a good indication of the packages which would 
benefit from setting these in the Makefile.

Anyway, if you know of any packages which can be fixed this way, please 
do file PRs against them.

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