Subject: pkgsrc on Solaris
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/06/2004 22:26:41
Greetings, quite recently I started using pkgsrc on Solaris, hoping that 
it would spare me from tracking software packages and their dependencies 
manually. I've noticed a lot of broken packages, which happily compile 
on my i386 running NetBSD, but fail on my Ultra10 running Solaris 9. I 
tried going through Makefiles etc, hoping to find the problems and fix 
them, however after hours of futile effort I felt like I was looking for 
a needle in a haystack.

So I guess I just wanted to find out what was the status of pkgsrc for 
other platforms, i.e. does most of the effort go into testing that 
everything works on NetBSD and if there is time then other platforms get 
tested, or is it all maintained together as a single unit? Should I 
report broken packages on Solaris?