Subject: audio/libmikmod AMD64 issue.
To: None <>
From: Richard Rauch <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/20/2004 22:06:22
It seems that libmikmod in pkgsrc is stuck at 1.2.10, but there's a
1.2.11a (patch to 1.2.11).  The recent patch, from June 3:

 * libmikmod playback now works correcly on amd64 (type size problem)

(See the package web page.)

This affects, e.g., XMMS, which crashes for me on the AMD64, I think.
XMMS gets segfaults some ways into playing an MP3 file.  XMMS seems to
use libmikmod for MP3 files.

The web page offers a unified diff file relative to 1.2.11.

Is this something that will get fixed during the freeze, or is it below
the threshhold of severity for bugs that can be fixed during the freeze?

Presently, in order to play MP3 files, I am using mpg123.  mpg123 seems
able to play MP3 files without problem.

It's not a huge complication, as I only need to use this for playing
some archived sample shows from a radio program.  I suspect that the
absence of complaints about this (I have not checked for PRs) indicates
that few people are affected by it: Not that many AMD64s out there yet,
and maybe those of us pushing in such directions all prefer Ogg Vorbis
for audio, given the choice.  Still...

I can file a PR, but thought that I'd ask.  Maybe this is the kind of
thing that can be done on the spot by someone with CVS access (though
it is a library, so it's not a leaf-node package).


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