Subject: Re: Generating .tgz With Installed Packages
To: None <>
From: Lasse =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Hiller=F8e?= Petersen <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/18/2004 10:05:01
In article 
<>, (Jeremy C. Reed) wrote:

> On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, Daniel Bolgheroni wrote:

> > As I compiled firefox-gtk2 earlier, it was very fast to create the
> > package. But it didn't create for dependencies too. I tried to set
> > PKG_DEPENDS=yes in /etc/mk.conf but without success.
> I don't think PKG_DEPENDS is used anywhere. I do see it mention in
> documentation, but I can't find its use. (Does anyone know why it is in
> Packages.txt?)

Pardon me for mixing in.

Are you talking about how to get packages made (make package) for 
dependencies installed while building something else?
I thought that's what DEPENDS_TARGET=package is for?
At least that is what it says in
and it seems to work fine.

PKG_DEPENDS is not mentioned in that document. There seems to be a 
discrepancy between /usr/pkgsrc/Packages.txt and the docs on the web?

I have set DEPENDS_TARGET=package in my /etc/mk.conf and it worked fine 
for me. But now reading Packages.txt it could seem that it wouldn't be  
doing what it appears to do.

There seems to be some kind of confusion somewhere? (Probably in my