Subject: Re: Generating .tgz With Installed Packages
To: None <>
From: Eric Haszlakiewicz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/17/2004 18:22:14
># pkg_tarup -a -d . [package_name]
>What's wrong? Is it because a trick I forgot creating them? What about
>the system?

	The way that dependencies are recorded has changed.  Instead of
a package recording every single package that needs to be installed
for it to work, it just records the immediate dependencies.
e.g: package imp
imp	requires horde and php-imap
	horde requires php-gettext
	php-imap requires imap-uw
Before, imp would have had direct dependencies on all of horde, php-imap,
php-gettext and imap-uw.  Now it only lists horde and php-imap

Changing pkg_tarup to figure out recursive dependencies shouldn't be
all that hard.  Although, perhaps pkg_info would be a better place for
that change.  e.g. "pkg_info -nn" gets full dependency info?