Subject: wrapper-mk-20040914 snapshot released
To: None <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/15/2004 06:33:35
I've uploaded a new snapshot of the wrapper script framework at:

To use it, move your existing pkgsrc/mk out of the way, then extract
the tarball into the pkgsrc directory, e.g.:
        cd /usr/pkgsrc
        mv mk mk.OLD
        tar zxvf wrapper-mk-20040914.tgz
This version passes all current regression tests.  Please test and let
me know how it works.  Thanks!
        -- Johnny Lam <>

* Add a loop in libtool-fix-la to ensure that all of the options listed
  in the dependency_libs lines of *.lai files are processed.  This fixes
  a buildlink3 leakage bug.

* Merge the scripts between buildlink3 and wrapper and
  place them all in wrapper.  This makes sense since the commands simply
  allow for many types of transformations, which buildlink3 takes
  advantage of, but there is nothing inherently buildlink-ish about
  those commands.

* Don't directly manipulate SUBST_SED.unwrap.  Instead, create the
  value of SUBST_SED.unwrap by combining several other variables
  (currently just _UNWRAP_SED) to ensure that the correct ordering is

* Correct some confusing debugging messages.