Subject: bobac-20040913 snapshot released
To: None <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/13/2004 16:18:45
For anybody just tuning in, "bobac" is my project to implement a bulk
build cluster.  Some of the features I'm targetting:

  * Does not depend on NFS or a LAN.

  * Does not require a central binary package repository.

  * Allows adding and removing machines from the cluster dynamically
    without affecting other nodes in the cluster.

The latest snapshot is available here:
In this snapshot, the state information that is kept has been simplified
so that restarting a node will allow it to pick up where it left off.
Currently, I don't handle removing packages that aren't dependencies
for the package that is being built, although I've marked in the shell
script where that code should be inserted, and it's fairly straightforward
to implement.  Also, for now, this only works over NFS, although I've
outlined how to write alternative master.* files to implement the
master node logic without needing NFS.

The top-level Makefile can run two different nodes, named "AAA" and
"bbb".  You can run them one at a time by running "make <nodename>",
or you can run them at the same time with "make -j2".  This is still
a toy, but play with it as you like.  I'd appreciate comments on the
approach and the implementation.

For anyone that cares, "bobac" is the shortest word that contains the
letters "BBC", or "bulk build cluster".  Plus, it's an animal, so this
project has a cute mascot :)


	-- Johnny Lam <>