Subject: Re: AIX again
To: None <>
From: Michael <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/08/2004 14:36:41

I finally got QT3 to work - so far it would always die building qmake, it seems to hit some hard limit in memory allocation ( a bit over 200MB in my case ) even when I run the compiler as root with all limits removed ( maybe I'm missing something here - there's definitely enough virtual memory available )
To avoid this it's enough to compile qmake with -O or without optimization ( it's only a makefile generator after all ) instead of using -O2 like I have in my CFLAGS. The rest should be compiled with all optimization in place though :)

No luck with KDE though, it needs .cpp files which contain implicitly instanciated template classes to be compiled with -frepo or we get weird linker errors. Does anyone here know if GNU ld ( or the whole binutils stuff ) works properly on AIX?

setting CONFIG_SHELL? and SH?=/usr/pkg/bin/pdksh ( or /usr/bin/ksh ) in /etc/mk.conf helps a lot too - IBM's /bin/sh has problems with multiple nested/escaped quote marks which leads to really wacky errors when building certain packages ( at least on AIX 4.3.2 ) - using ksh avoids this. 
I've been unable to build bash - some script to generate the built-in functions apparently doesn't work correctly and so far I couldn't find out why.

have fun