Subject: wrapper-mk-20040907 snapshot released
To: None <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/08/2004 10:37:58
I've uploaded a new snapshot of the wrapper script framework at:
To use it, move your existing pkgsrc/mk out of the way, then extract
the tarball into the pkgsrc directory, e.g.:
	cd /usr/pkgsrc
	mv mk mk.OLD
	tar zxvf wrapper-mk-20040907.tgz
This version passes all current regression tests.  Please test and let
me know how it works.  Thanks!

	-- Johnny Lam <>

* Support automatically passing "ABI" flags to the compiler and linker
  depending on the value of ${ABI}.  Currently supports the SunPro
  compiler with ${ABI} == 64 and the MIPSPro compiler with ${ABI} as
  any of 32, n32, o32, and 64.

* Move back the code that splits absolute paths to shared libraries
  from arg-source back into logic.  This allows us to correctly skip
  splitting those paths based on the previous option.  Also add a
  sanity check that the library name in the split argument doesn't
  contain a "/" since shell globs are not as precise as REs.

* Don't transform the path given after --dynamic-linker (used by GNU
  ld for ELF linkage).

* Add the ability for the libtool wrapper to be called just to unwrap
  an existing libtool archive by running:

        libtool --mode=unwrap -o