Subject: wrapper-mk-20040906 snapshot released
To: None <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/07/2004 10:19:13
I've uploaded a new snapshot of the wrapper script framework at:
To use it, move your existing pkgsrc/mk out of the way, then extract
the tarball into the pkgsrc directory, e.g.:
	cd /usr/pkgsrc
	mv mk mk.OLD
	tar zxvf wrapper-mk-20040906.tgz
This version passes all current regression tests.  Please test and let
me know how it works.  Thanks!
	-- Johnny Lam <>

* shell-lib was moved into pkgsrc/mk/scripts; correct references to that
  file in the wrapper code.

* Use opt-sub instead of sub-mangle when protecting -I/usr/include/*
  and -L/usr/lib/* from buildlink transformations.  This avoids adding
  lines that look like "-I-I..." in the transformation sedfiles.

* mangle and sub-mangle are only meant to transform directories in
  -I, -L, and rpath options, so remove the lines in
  buildlink3/ that transformed bare directories.

* Fix bug in strip-slashdot where the "." wasn't backquoted and thus
  matched all characters instead of only the "." character.

* Change the libtool wrapper to use a modified buildcmd script that
  doesn't rearrange any of the arguments.  This should fix spurious
  problems where libtool doesn't understand how to parse the command
  line when the -l options are moved to the end of the argument list.

* Fix bug in the logic script where the $cachearg and $cachedarg
  weren't being properly set at all times, which caused the cache to
  contain the wrong transformed argument.