Subject: Re: let libtool use ${AWK}
To: Johnny C. Lam <>
From: Georg Schwarz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/06/2004 21:02:07
> Why isn't the system awk good enough?  Does libtool use some GNU awk
> constructs?  Perhaps we can patch around those.

even if he can on IRIX 6 (where awk defaults to nawk) this maybe still
breaks on IRIX 5 (where awk is oawk), for example.

> > 
> > Also, I don't feel comfortable monking around with libtool, so if
> > somebody else here wants to take a look at this...
> I'd rather not have libtool depend gawk if we can avoid it.

Is ${AWK} supposed to be gawk on systems which do not come with gawk
installed already?

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