Subject: PostgreSQL74-pltcl
To: None <>
From: Ian Harding <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/03/2004 12:19:41

I am in desperate need of this package which does not exist yet.  I tried =
simply hacking the postgresql73 makefile, and while it does build =
successfully, I can't create the language in a database.  The postgresql =
logs are not helpful.

I would really appreciate any guidance anyone could give me on tracking =
this down...

Here is a backtrace from the core and comments from the PostgreSQL guru:


> (gdb) bt
> #0 0x483ccfab in kill () from /usr/lib/
> #1 0x483cf06f in __libc_mutex_unlock () from /usr/lib/
> #2 0x4844115b in free () from /usr/lib/
> #3 0x081b3d64 in AllocSetDelete ()
> #4 0x081b44f2 in MemoryContextDelete ()
> #5 0x081b4d12 in PortalDrop ()

Hmm, that's not what I would have expected ...

You ought to go look at the libc sources for your machine, but a
reasonable bet is that the abort is happening because of some corruption
in libc's mutex state (unlock when already unlocked, or something like
that). The fact that it is happening after you've linked in the
pltcl .so suggests that there is some libc-level incompatibility in
that .so; perhaps it incorporates a different version of libc, or some

Anyway I think you need a libc or dynamic linker wizard to help you with
this, not a Postgres wizard...

regards, tom lane=20


Thanks in advance,=20