Subject: Re: AIX 5.1 / pkgsrc
To: Johnny C. Lam <>
From: Laurent DAVERIO <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/01/2004 15:08:02
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Hi Johnny,

> Thanks for providing the build log -- it'll be invaluable for tracking
> down compiler warnings.  I've committed some changes to some of the
> bootstrap packages that should fix the problems that you're seeing.
> Please cvs update your pkgsrc and try running the bootstrap again.

I'm happy to report that the new bootstrap script ran fine. Thank you 
for this fine job ! :-) I'm now encountering several other problems, 
which I'm tackling one after the other :

- All the packages that I want to install seem to have a dependency with 
gcc (/usr/ports/lang/gcc, not gcc3), even the "low-level" ones (gettext, 
gmake, libiconv, ...). So, I'm beginning with gcc-2.95.3. As before, I'm 
using IBM's gcc 2.95 for the job.

- gcc-2.95.3 didn't want to compile because it couldn't find 
/usr/pkg/bin/zcat. So, I created a symlink from /usr/bin/zcat to 
/usr/pkg/bin/zcat, but it didn't help. This is because the original AIX 
zcat only handles compressed (.Z), not gzipped files. Fortunately, I 
managed to find another zcat on the system, /opt/freeware/bin/zcat 
(maybe coming from IBM's collection of Linux tools ?). A new symlink 
solved the problem.

- Then it complained about a missing /usr/pkg/bin/gpatch. Again, I 
managed to find a remplacement in /opt/freeware/bin/patch, and symlink 
from it.

- Then it complained about a missing /usr/pkg/bin/gmake. (But I can't 
install gmake if I don't have gcc first...). Rather than create a 
symlink from /usr/bin/make (which I was sure wouldn't work), I installed 
  gmake 3.80 from the AIX PDS library.

For the moment, things seem to be running fine. When I'm finished with 
my installations, I think I'll try to determine if the missing 
executables (zcat, gpatch, gmake) were supposed to have been created 
during the bootstrap phase. And I will do a bit of cleaning on the 
server, too ;-)

Bye for now,



     Laurent DAVERIO
     Centre de Recherche en Informatique
     de l'École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris (CRI-ENSMP)
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