Subject: libnbcompat-20040814 needs testing
To: None <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/15/2004 21:00:17
I've updated pkgtools/libnbcompat to 20040814.  Changes from version
20040813 include:

    * Adding a regex(3) implementation for those platforms that don't
      have one, e.g. IRIX 5.3.

    * Allow nbcompat.h to be included multiple times in case it's needed
      to override values of set by config.h in bootstrap packages.  This
      should fix problems with building pkg_install and pax on platforms
      that have /usr/include/glob.h.

    * Remove namespace.h, which should be a no-op since we're building
      a userland library separate from the NetBSD sources.

    * Remove HAVE_CONFIG_H checks from sources since we're always going
      to have and and we're always going to be including it.

    * Rename all inclusion guards in nbcompat/*.h to be _NBCOMPAT_*_H_ so
      that it won't get triggered by any settings in system headers.

The tarball of the new bootstrap code is at:

To test, please fetch the tarball, extract, then do a fresh bootstrap,

	tar zxvf bootstrap-kit-20040815.tgz
	cd bootstrap-kit-20040815/bootstrap
	./bootstrap --prefix=$(pwd)/pkg --sysconfdir=$(pwd)/pkg/etc \
		--pkgdbdir=$(pwd)/.db --ignore-case-check --ignore-user-check

I have tested on the following systems already:

	MacOS X 10.2.8

I am interested in results for the following platforms:

	IRIX 6.5
	IRIX 5.3
	MacOS X 10.3.4
	Solaris 7
	Solaris 8
	Solaris 9

Please let me know the outcome regardless of whether it succeeds or
fails.  If there are any failures, please submit a log of the build.


	-- Johnny Lam <>