Subject: mozilla 1.7.2 crash on NetBSD(-like) sites
To: None <>
From: dieter <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/12/2004 08:30:58
hey all,

My fresh mozilla-gtk2 1.7.2 crashes on some sites, notably on
 	- and mirrors
 	- (which is based on the NetBSD site)
 	- the RT (request tracker) site of the cmpany I work for
 	- (homepage of RT software)
Am I the only person seeing this? Btw, this is on NetBSD 2.0_BETA 
(INFLAMM.MP) #5: Mon Jun  7 17:30:16 CEST 2004 i386

I'll compile firefox now and see if I have better results with it...



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