Subject: Re: NetPBM man pages are arrogant, infuriating, nonfunctional. consider downgrading package.
To: Bryan Henderson <>
From: Miles Nordin <carton@Ivy.NET>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/27/2004 15:38:00
>>>>> "bh" == Bryan Henderson <> writes:

    bh> I would love to be able to do that with a public CVS
    bh> repository, but with the facilities I have (Sourceforge), I
    bh> don't think I can

I don't have any problems getting cromwell from sourceforge CVS.  You
can try it yourself:

$ export CVSROOT=""
$ cvs checkout cromwell

I don't login or set up any special web account on sourceforge or
anything like that.  I'm pretty sure pkgsrc could be made to check out
tagged, released copies of your man pages from sourceforge in an
automated way.

We cannot do a good job of release-tagging and archiving your project,
even if we cared enough to put into it more effort than it would take
you to do it.  Or, you could just put manuals in your tarballs like
everyone else.  I'm suggesting CVS because I'm trying to come up with
a way we can get the most basic things we need with minimal extra work
for you, no NetBSD-specific work for you, and without giving up any of
your unconventional and solidly unpopular notions---I have some
sympathy since I've many notions like that of my own.  Now I find
myself on the same side of an argument as RedHat, which is odd.

Would you just consider making your CVS repository public, putting
your HTML manuals in CVS, and putting CVS tags on them when you make a
Netpbm release?  This has general value to you and your users, and it
solves the biggest problem that BSD/Gentoo-ish/manual-compile package
systems have no good way of solving without your cooperation.

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		-- Georg Dimitrov