Subject: pkgsrc under macosx
To: None <>
From: Antoine Reilles <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/26/2004 15:06:41
Hi all,

I'm running pkgsrc under macosx 10.3.4 for a while, but still have got 
some problems.

First, mplayer is not easy to install under macosx. I managed to get 
mplayer working (and working great).
first, i had to remove some drivers, and disable runtime cpu detection 
(not working with ppc, as stated in

I had to remove the sdl driver as i can't build the devel/SDL port with 
pkgsrc (a matter of undefined symbols, as i reported in another mail). 
But the "vo quartz" and "ao macosx" works pretty well, so for mplayer, 
sdl is not important.

The next problem is that mplayer depends from multimedia/libdv (in 
pkgsrc, but it's not the case in darwinports or fink, afaik). Since 
libdv doesn't build under macosx, i removed the .include 
"../../multimedia/libdv/" from 

Then, i can have mplayer working with pkgsrc under macosx

My next problem is with lftp (since it is the best ftp/sftp client 
I can't get lftp working with pkgsrc (but darwinports ok). It compiles 
and installs fine (just a little plist problem, preventing make 
deinstall to remove /usr/pkg/lib/lftp/ and /usr/pkg/lib/{version} ) but 
when i run lftp, i get :
bonzai:~ tonio$ lftp s
dlcompat: dyld: lftp Undefined symbols:
lftp: sftp - not supported protocol

Amitai Schlair suggested to look at how the darwinports people compile 
theyr lftp. So i tried add the options
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --with-pic --disable-share --enable-static
to net/lftp/Makefile, and bmake update, but unfortunately, the dlcompat 
problem is still there, and i don't know what to do more.

I hope these informations can help making pkgsrc run even better under