Subject: Re: idiots guide to making a port?
To: Carl Brewer <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/21/2004 19:44:41
On Thu, 22 Jul 2004, Carl Brewer wrote:

> I've read the ports doco on as a prelim to
> trying to make a port for fastcgi to work with apache2 (so I
> can use RT with apache2 on NetBSD with ports).  I'm a bit stumped
> by the dependancy process, ie: where are the bits that
> a port depends on defined? In readme.html?!  Also,
> I saw how to run configure arguments, but mod_fastcgi
> doesn't have an autoconf script, it has a makefile that
> needs to be moved and edited.  Is there any doco on how
> to do that, or should I make a patch and get the patch to
> edit the makefile, and move it?

Welcome Carl!

Dependencies are done a few ways: using BUILD_DEPENDS, DEPENDS, and using
USE_BUILDLINK3 with files. Have a look in Packages.txt and
in mk/buildlink3/BUILDLINK3_DG for documentation.

The most common way is to define:


And then include the file that helps define the dependencies
you use.

I haven't done much with packaging Apache 2 modules, but have a look at
www/ap2-auth-pgsql/Makefile. See how it defines USE_BUILDLINK3,
APACHE_MODULE, uses APXS in the do-build step, and includes

www/apache2/ utilizes the APACHE_MODULE to make sure that the
package will depend on apache and it also defines APXS.

As for your makefile, maybe patch it and then MV it in a pre-build or some
configure target step. Or maybe the makefile is not needed at all.

Have a look at www/apache/ to see some predefined targets that
make make it easier for you.

Feel free to post what you have tried and we can help.

Have fun,

 Jeremy C. Reed

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