Subject: Re: pkgsrc/AIX
To: Eric Haszlakiewicz <>
From: Michael <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/20/2004 02:13:50

>>> 	fwiw, I didn't have any troubles with libtool causing missing
>>> 	symbols,
>>> although I do remember it being a little tricky to get it working at
>>> all.
>>> Perhaps you're getting the wrong version of libtool?
>> Which version did you use? I know only my 4.3.2 and the linker is
>> extremely picky. It likes only libs if they're .a archives ( when you
>> use -lblah it only looks for libblah.a, contrary to the docs which say
>> it also looks for ), the runtime linker doesn't resolve 
>> half
> 	I believe the docs actual mean a .so _inside_ the .a. (vs. .o's within
> the .a), but I haven't looked at the man pages for months.
No, the man page says explicitly it would look for 
first, then libwhatever.a in dynamic mode or only libwhatever.a in 
static mode.

> You're using the AIX ld right?
Yes, if I remember correctly the GNU binutils still aren't really 
recommended on AIX 4.x so I didn't try.

>> Libtool seems to assume that everything ending on .a is a static
>> library when linked as some/path/ which causes endless 
>> hassle
>> with shared libs that link to a mix of static and other shared libs,
>> like libgtk2 - in this case it ignores all the static libs. No idea 
>> how
>> to resolve that, so far I'm always hacking the Makefile and add the 
>> lib
> 	shit.  that means they haven't released the newer version of libtool
> yet.  It sure is taking long enough.  I've got a libtool package 
> sitting
> around someone that works.  I'll see if I can find it and send it to 
> you.
I'd be happy to try it :)

> There _is_ support in the very latest libtool for AIX style .a 
> libraries,
> but it got kind of screwed up because of the gnu break-in a while ago,
> so they reverted the published libtool to an earlier version.
Ah, that makes some sense. libtool can create AIX shared libs for a 
while but all the dependency stuff is still pretty much broken

>> by hand as -Wl,libwhatever.a so libtool doesn't see it - nothing I'm 
>> at
>> all happy with but I have absolutely no clue how to hack libtool... 
>> but
> 	ugh.. hacking libtool.  *shudder*
Yeah, I don't like perl, awk, m4 and whatever else they're using at all.

>> Then - something completely different - do you know of any way to get
>> CD 2 and 3 of AIX 4.3.2 or 4.3.3 for a Motorola PowerStack II? Mine 
>> are
> 	no clue.  I haven't done any real admin type work on aix other than
> pkgsrc, so I don't know a whole lot about installing/updating/etc.. the
> base system.
Damn. Do I'll have to look for a really cheap RS/6000 43P or so that 
comes with AIX 4.3.something... I had access to a 4.3.3 set but it 
lacked any PReP support so it didn't even boot. Maybe i should have 
kept the OpenGL stuff but I doubt it would install...

have fun