Subject: Re: pkgsrc/AIX
To: Eric Haszlakiewicz <>
From: Michael <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/19/2004 23:47:44

> cool!  I'm glad someone has picked up on this.  I no longer have access
> to an AIX box (nor the need to use pkgsrc on AIX), but if you need some
> help with anything I'd be happy to do what I can.
Even if most packages need hacking it's still a great help because it 
does things like resolving dependencies and downloading stuff - just 
imagine compiling gnome from scratch without okgsrc...

> 	fwiw, I didn't have any troubles with libtool causing missing symbols,
> although I do remember it being a little tricky to get it working at 
> all.
> Perhaps you're getting the wrong version of libtool?
Which version did you use? I know only my 4.3.2 and the linker is 
extremely picky. It likes only libs if they're .a archives ( when you 
use -lblah it only looks for libblah.a, contrary to the docs which say 
it also looks for ), the runtime linker doesn't resolve half 
the open symbols and so on. Running make check in devel/libtool-base 
says 25 of 100 tests failed.
And it's pretty unlikely that I have a bad version - I compiled it from 
pkgsrc, it's 1.5.6.something.
Libtool seems to assume that everything ending on .a is a static 
library when linked as some/path/ which causes endless hassle 
with shared libs that link to a mix of static and other shared libs, 
like libgtk2 - in this case it ignores all the static libs. No idea how 
to resolve that, so far I'm always hacking the Makefile and add the lib 
by hand as -Wl,libwhatever.a so libtool doesn't see it - nothing I'm at 
all happy with but I have absolutely no clue how to hack libtool... but 
maybe there's a solution underway - some todo list that came with 
libtool included a point about storing the object type in the .la file 
which would be some sort of workaround.

Then - something completely different - do you know of any way to get 
CD 2 and 3 of AIX 4.3.2 or 4.3.3 for a Motorola PowerStack II? Mine are 
missing, I have only CD1. Enough to install a base system but now that 
I have a GXT800P board I'd like to use OpenGL but that's all on CD2 and 
3. I've bugged IBM, Bull and Motorola so far, none was in any way 
helpful - IBM sent an automatic response telling me to use their web 
site, Motorola didn't bother at all and from Bull I got at least a mail 
from a human being telling me that support for this OS and this class 
of machines ended more than a year ago ( Bull sold rebadged PowerStacks 
in Europe as Estrella 200 and 300 )

have fun