Subject: Re: for bind9
To: Mark Davies <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/17/2004 16:08:02
On Sun, 18 Jul 2004, Mark Davies wrote:

> > What was the library that was needed?
> I presume it was the threadsafe resolver routines.
> > 			Do other operating systems provide
> > it native too?
> Yes (I think), see below.
> > Also maybe your should specifically check for the library
> > or a include file header too?
> There aren't any additional header files/libraries but as I said in the
> original message:

I don't understand. The other software needs some "threadsafe resolver
routines" but they aren't provided any library.

So the other software just needs to run "named" binary itself?

>   It tests the version of the named binary when what you probably actually
>   care about is the version of the resolver library but its much easier to get
>   the BIND version from that and I'll assume that the two will be more or less
>   in sync.

I had read that. But that does say resolver library. So I guess you mean
it needs libdns.

All I am saying is that the should check that the library
exists instead of assuming there is a library if just named is the
correct version. (Because maybe a system using pkgsrc has a
/usr/sbin/named that doesn't use that library, i.e. static, or the library
can't be found by the pkgsrc because in some odd spot.)

For example, see:


(where it does the echo of the lib wildcard)

But the recent cvs comment said "our base OS", so maybe should check for
"NetBSD" too and then assume.

 Jeremy C. Reed

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