Subject: pkgsrc and POSIX make
To: None <>
From: Thierry Laronde <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/12/2004 18:56:00

I want to provide a pkgsrc distribution of KerGIS, which aims to be 
POSIX compliant when there are POSIX standardizations.

As pointed to me by Julio M. Merino Vidal, some parts that are not
standardized (as the way to generate dynamic shared libraries) are
not handled natively by the pkgsrc framework but require some additional
software (as for example buildtool). OK.

[I summarize just to make clear that I'm not asking the very same thing:
the focus is slightly different].

Does the pkgsrc framework ensure that if my Makefile are:
- invoking the special target .POSIX
- using basic constructions allowed by SUSv3 make

I will be sure that the make invoked is behaving according to the POSIX
standard, meaning for example that the inference rules for Yacc files 
work even with `bison', that is that the make invoked by the pkgsrc
framework will set YACC=bison and YFLAGS=-y so that the file produced is
indeed a yacc named

In brief, does the pkgsrc framework provide a POSIX Bourne shell and
a POSIX make behavior on request? Or do I have to ensure this by 
external means?

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