Subject: Re: problem with lftp
To: None <>
From: Antoine Reilles <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/09/2004 09:08:02

On Jul 8, 2004, at 22:15, Amitai Schlair wrote:

> Antoine Reilles wrote:
>> I have a problem with lftp : when i try to use it, either for ftp or 
>> sftp, it says :
>> dlcompat: dyld: lftp Undefined symbols:
>> __Z10xvasprintfPKcPc
>> __Z15mktime_from_utcPK2tm
>> __Z5xfreePv
>> __Z7xmallocm
>> __Z7xstrdupPKci
>> __Z8re_matchPKcS0_i
>> __Z8xreallocPvm
>> __ZN10FileAccess10DebugPrintEPKcS1_i
>> __ZN10FileAccess10NotSeriousEi
>> __ZN10FileAccess11
>> lftp: ftp - not supported protocol
> I see the same thing on a freshly bootstrapped OS X 10.3.4.
> When a package doesn't work on OS X, I usually look at what Fink has 
> done. (Since OS X is their sole platform, if they have a package for 
> something, it's likely to work on OS X.) I haven't had a chance to 
> look at their lftp package yet. If you could take a look and figure 
> out what we need to do differently, that'd be great.

I looked at how the darwinports guys build lftp. Macosx is not theys 
sole platform, but it's theyr main one. I installed lftp with 
darwinports, and it works without problem.
They do a simple ./configure, make, make install, and run ./configure 
with the arguments :
--with-pic --disable-share --enable-static --without-ssl (the 
without-ssl can be removed)

They don't do any libtool trick.

I don't exactly know that's appening with pkgsrc. It is strange to me 
that the build doesn't break, as the devel/SDL port doesn't even build 
under osx, and fail with a list of undefined symbols errors.

Hope this helps,