Subject: Re: pkgsrc/AIX
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Michael <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/08/2004 17:30:15

> erh@NetBSD committed the initial support for AIX for pkgsrc.
> Also, there might be a aix-pkg-people AT netbsd, but I don't know.
Hmm, doesn't mention a list like that anywhere.

> Feel free to share some patches to this list.
I will, when I finally have something that can be shown to someone else 

>>> - use gawk, gm4 and so on whenever possible, AIX's
>>> versions are either
>>> broken or too old
> Maybe mk/ can be modified to add AIX to the
> needed.
I added M4=/usr/pkg/bin/gm4, AWK=... and so on to my mk.conf, worked 
for most packages, I just think it should be the default and maybe 
these tools should be built during bootstrap since you'll need them 
almost certainly and run into trouble with AIX's tools. ( at least on 
4.3.2, things may have improved on 5.x )

>>> - avoid AIX's indent - it crashes if input gets too
>>> big
> Maybe revised mk/ can be improved to handle "indent" too. Then
> packages needing indent for build/install can use USE_GNU_TOOLS+=indent
> (or later USE_TOOLS+=indent).
INDENT=/usr/pkg/bin/gindent did it for me, the package that needed it 
was libbonobo's (?) IDL compiler which pipes it's output through indent 
and causes the AIX version to dump core.

>>> - maybe set MOTIFBASE=/usr/dt - can't think of any
>>> good reason to use
>>> lesstif or OpenMotif on AIX, IBM's motif seems to be
>>> pretty ok.
> I don't know dt, but maybe have a look at mk/ I 
> think
> it assigns MOTIFBASE to /usr/dt if /usr/dt/include/Xm/Xm.h and
> /usr/dt/include/Xm/Gadget.h exist.

Yes and no - without this in mk.conf it tries to build openmotif. May 
be desirable in some cases but shouldn't be the default in my opinion. 
Something like PREFER_motif?=native would be more intuitive.

have fun