Subject: Re: Moving default configs
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/07/2004 17:24:30
On Wed, 7 Jul 2004, Chuck Yerkes wrote:

> Can I define PKG_SYSCONFDIR as (say) /etc/pkg/ and expect it
> to work sanely.

Yes, it should. Users are supposed to not set PKG_SYSCONFDIR, but set
PKGBASE by default).

> If you're really curious why:
> I really really want data that
>   1) changes and
>   2) is host specific
> under /etc.  /usr/pkg/  is often *shared* and having shared config
> files is just a HUGE PITA, especially depending on the package.
> sudo is about the only multihost aware config file I know of.

On several systems (not NetBSD), I have used PKG_SYSCONFBASE=/etc. It has
worked fine except for few packages that don't honor it yet (like bind9
and some xfce4 packages).

I guess you could also define PKG_SYSCONFBASE=${PREFIX}/etc-`hostname` or
something like that too.

> And yeah, for BIND, I run it chroot as not root, so ALL the configs
> go into /var/named/etc/  with /var/named/namedb holding zones.

Oh yeah, taht might be one reason not to have bind9 check for it under

> But if PKG_SYSCONFIG works, then I'll jump to it.  I just fear for
> PLISTS.  (an apache to drop onto Solaris without major config

The PLISTs can be ignored. Because the pkgsrc and package tools
automatically handles that for you. Don't need to list your configs in
the PLIST, just list them in the Makefile using CONF_FILES.

See Packages.txt for some info. And better yet, look at examples in some
other packages.

> changes is just a HUGE PITA for me to get in as a package.  config
> in /etc/apache/, cgi in /var/apache/cgi-bin, etc).

 Jeremy C. Reed

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