Subject: Moving default configs
To: None <>
From: Chuck Yerkes <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/07/2004 17:08:27
Quoting Jeremy C. Reed (
> Is it okay if bind9 package's rc.d script requires named.conf?
> By adding:
> required_files=${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/namedb/named.conf

This triggered a question:

Can I define PKG_SYSCONFDIR as (say) /etc/pkg/ and expect it
to work sanely.

If you're really curious why:

I really really want data that
  1) changes and
  2) is host specific
under /etc.  /usr/pkg/  is often *shared* and having shared config
files is just a HUGE PITA, especially depending on the package.
sudo is about the only multihost aware config file I know of.

And yeah, for BIND, I run it chroot as not root, so ALL the configs
go into /var/named/etc/  with /var/named/namedb holding zones.

I sort of like to do the same with apache and other complex services.

I have a peeve against the "find the config file" game - it's location
depends on where you got the binary from.  /etc/mail/ is dandy.
find /etc/ -type f |xargs grep $WhatISeek
is also lovely.

But if PKG_SYSCONFIG works, then I'll jump to it.  I just fear for
PLISTS.  (an apache to drop onto Solaris without major config
changes is just a HUGE PITA for me to get in as a package.  config
in /etc/apache/, cgi in /var/apache/cgi-bin, etc).