Subject: Re: postgresql74 -> postgresql ?
To: Marc Recht <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/07/2004 11:20:57
On Wed, 7 Jul 2004, Marc Recht wrote:

>>  	We could at least rename postgresql -> postgresql73. I can't
>>  	imagine anyone would object to that?
> I'm all for that. IMHO it makes sense to model the postgresql (and mysql) 
> packages after the Python ones. Eg. having
> I'm currently using the attached, but it's only a (tiny) part of 
> the changes needed to allow multiple (major) versions of postgresql to 
> installed parallel.

 	OK. As you're already in that area maybe ou could take a look?
 	(Rather than someone else doing it and giving you a merge PITA :)

 		David/absolute       -- No hype required --