Subject: Re: pkg building and broken FTP sessions
To: Carl Brewer <>
From: John Klos <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/05/2004 02:51:52
> I've just experienced something interesting while trying to
> install mutt on a 1.6.2 (i386) box.
> 150 About to open data connection.
>  0% |                                     |     0       0.00 KB/s --:-- ETA
> 425 Error accepting connection; connection from invalid IP.
> 221 Service closing control connection.

> I'm not worried about the invalid IP business, I figure it's
> just unhappy about mismatching A and PTR records, or
> something .. but shouldn't the make be able to recognise
> a failed download and try from somewhere else, rather than
> assume it went ok, and then fail dramatically?

This might be a bug in ftp. I'd assume that you are behind some sort of 
NAT / proxy which uses multiple public IPs or your machine is multihomed 
and using different IPs for different things or something. Ignoring that 
for the moment, ftp should not create (or it should destroy afterwards) a 
zero byte file when it has this error. If you look in distfiles, I'm 
guessing you'd see a zero byte mutt-

So, if ftp doesn't create or if it properly destroys the file after the 
error, then pkgsrc would move along to the next ftp / http site.

Perhaps send-pr a bug report for ftp?

John Klos