Subject: [change request] pattern for patch filenames
To: None <>
From: Roland Illig <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/28/2004 18:01:51
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I would like the pattern for patch filenames to be changed. In general 
it is the shell pattern "patch-*", but there are two occurrences of the 
AWK pattern "patch-[A-Za-z0-9]+". I would like to have the underscore 
("_") included in the allowed letters.

With this change we could name the patch files after the files they 
patch ("patch-src_inode_c"), not with some arbitrarily chosen number 

And -- best of all -- I have invented the "make-patches" target, so you 
can simply say "bmake make-patches", and all the patches in ${PATCHDIR} 
are regenerated from what you changed in the working directory. It uses 
the naming scheme of the second paragraph. As a consequence, it would be 
immediately clear which patch belongs to which file just by looking into 
the patches directory.

There are some files that would be affected by the change of allowed 



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# $NetBSD$
# Automatically creates patches for file modified in the working
# directory.
# Authors:
#    Roland Illig <>, 2004.

.if !defined(_BSD_PKG_MAKE_PATCHES_MK)

# This program should be a diff that understands the -u option.
DIFF?=				diff

make-patches: do-make-patches makepatchsum

	@${ECHO} "===> Updating patch files"
	@if ${TEST} -f ${PATCH_COOKIE}; then				\
	if ${TEST} ! -d ${PATCHDIR}; then				\
	  ${ECHO} "=> Creating patches directory.";			\
	  ${MKDIR} ${PATCHDIR};						\
	fi;								\
	cd ${WRKSRC} &&							\
	${FIND} . -type f -name '*.orig' -print				\
	| sort								\
	| while read origname; do					\
	  dirname=`${DIRNAME} $$origname`;				\
	  fname="$$dirname"/`${BASENAME} $$origname .orig`;		\
	  patchid=`${ECHO} $$fname | ${SED} -e 's,^./,,' -e 's,[^A-Za-z0-9],_,g'` \
	  patchbasename="patch-$$patchid";				\
	  patchname="${PATCHDIR}/$$patchbasename";			\
	  { ${ECHO} "\$$""NetBSD""\$$";					\
	    ${ECHO};							\
	    ${DIFF} -u $$origname $$fname && ret=$$? || ret=$$?;	\
	  } > $$patchname.tmp;						\
	  case $$ret in							\
	    0) ${ECHO} "=> no patch necessary for $$fname";		\
	       ${RM} -f $$patchname $$patchname.tmp;;			\
	    1) if ${CMP} -s $$patchname.tmp $$patchname; then		\
	         ${MV} $$patchname.tmp $$patchname;			\
	         ${ECHO} "=> updating patch for $$fname.";		\
	       else							\
	         ${RM} -f $$patchname.tmp;				\
	         ${ECHO} "=> patch for $$fname has not changed.";	\
	       fi;;							\
	    *) ${FALSE};;						\
	  esac;								\
	done								\
	else								\
	  ${ECHO} "Please do a \"${MAKE} patch\" first.";		\
	  ${FALSE};							\