Subject: Re: p5-Digest-MD5 build error
To: None <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/17/2004 23:44:46
Ja'far Railton wrote:

> When I do "make show-var VARNAME=WRKOBJDIR" (as suggested by Klaus) 
> there is no output. And there is no setting for WRKOBJDIR in
> /etc/mk.conf - should there be? Things have been building OK
> till now.

You don't need this variable, everything should work without it. But as
I cannot repeat your problem on 1.6.2 I wondered wether you had
set this variable which changes the directory where the packages are

> And thanks for the pkg_add tip - I may be using it more now
> that I have build problems - and why not?

There's always a package you need which is not available in binary form
and then the build from source comes in handy.

Did you update pkgsrc selectively (which is not supported) instead of a
complete update of /usr/pkgsrc/? Did you "make clean" in
security/p5-Digest-MD5?  If nothing else helps I suggest to start with
a fresh copy of pkgsrc.