Subject: WMI-8 - Window Manager Improved - New 8th release
To: None <>
From: PEYROUX Jean <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/16/2004 20:42:48
I've the honor to announce a new port for wmi-8 tested on i386

This port is available on the address 
or by svn
svn checkout svn://

It'd be great if you'll commit this port to the ports tree of
NetBSD-(stable|release) in future.

If someone tested this port on other platforms, please let me know (alnix At
For questions development of contacting Anselm R. Garbe (anselmg At

Note: If you're user of gcc-2.95 make sure to add:  bar.buttons=no  to your  $HOME/.wmi/common.conf  file in order to get WMI up and running.

More informations and official page of project