Subject: Re: Processor types and uname data on AIX (proposed change)
To: Ingolf Steinbach <>
From: Peter Schmiedeskamp <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/10/2004 08:33:34
Oops, my previous message was sent prematurely due to
some strange accident of typing.  Here it is again
(this time complete)

Hmm... It would appear that you are correct in regard
to bootinfo.  We had a thread a few weeks ago where I
proposed a patch that called uname for AIX 5x and
bootinfo for 4.x.  It would appear that even this is
inadequate because 4.3 seems to have slipped through
the cracks.

Would anyone involved with AIX care to comment?  It
seems that what we have now is the worst situation
(packages build, but will only install on the machine
that built them).  Bootinfo is unsupported on anything
newer than 4.2. Uname behaves differently on AIX 4x
and 5x.  Furthermore, it would appear that neither of
these work on AIX 4.3.

The first patch I submitted (some time last month) has
two problems: 1. Platforms are named differently from
4.x to 5.x. 2. AIX 4.3 uses the unsupported "bootinfo
-T" command.

The latest patch has one potentially larger problem:
Everything newer than AIX 4.2 is using the unsupported
bootinfo command.  I also worry that bootinfo may not
be included in AIX forever (5.3 is right around the
corner, I hear).

Despite their respective problems either one of these
options seems to me better than status quo.  Either at
least allows packages to be installed on more than one

Any thoughts or ideas?

--- Ingolf Steinbach
<> wrote:
> Peter Schmiedeskamp wrote:
> > +       MACHINE_ARCH=`bootinfo -T`
> on AIX 5.1
> % man bootinfo
> [...]
> This command is NOT a user-level command and is NOT
> supported
> in AIX 4.2 or later.
> But please don't ask me for an alternative...
> Kind regards
>     Ingolf
> -- 
> Ingolf Steinbach                       Jena-Optronik
> GmbH
>       ++49 3641
> 200-147
> PGP: 0x7B3B5661  213C 828E 0C92 16B5  05D0 4D5B A324
> EC04

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