Subject: Re: (new mk for packages using mysql*-client/postgresql*-lib)
To: Juan RP <>
From: grant beattie <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/10/2004 17:46:14
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On Thu, Jun 10, 2004 at 09:25:36AM +0200, Juan RP wrote:

> > cool, sounds good. it might be neater to have the implementations as
> > values, not variables, eg. USE_DB=3D"mysql postgresql" and also to
> > provide them on a per-pkg basis.
> I don't see any improvement of using values rather than variables, but I =
> try.

mostly for cleanliness reasons so we don't end up with a swamp of
USE_DB_FIREBIRD, USE_DB_PGSQL, etc. from a user PoV, having one variable
to control things is easier, ala BDB_TYPE or whatever it's called.

you can also error on unknown words in the value and provide useful
feedback to the user (eg. "pgsql74 support is not available for this

> > eg. I want mail/exim3 built with mysql support but php4 with both
> > mysql and postgresql support. something like USE_DB.exim3=3D"mysql"
> > might make sense in this context.
> Hmm, but we have php4 splitted in small packages, so you cannot install
> php4 with mysql/pgsql unless you go to the directory and install it one b=
y one.

sure, that was just a random example :) what I meant was that I can
then just put those settings in /etc/mk.conf and forget about them,
knowing that my php4 will always be built with mysql/pgsql support,
and exim will always have mysql support.

> [1] Actually we cannot have two mysql*/pgsql* installed, because they
>       install the same files into the same directories, this could be fix=
>       renaming the packages to use ${PKGBASE} instead of ${DISTNAME}.

remember this isn't true in a pkgviews world, either.


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