Subject: Re: Package Naming for Multiple Versions
To: Curt Sampson <>
From: Marc Recht <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/09/2004 01:42:10
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> As well, for these packages to be of practical use to serious users of
> postgresql (that being anybody who uses it on production systems with
> minimal downtime and who ever upgrades), we need to be able to install
> multiple versions at once. (Not being able to do this makes the 7.4
> package useless to me, actually. Or the 7.3 one.)

And don't forget that the PostgreSQL documentation states that the dump
of the old database should be done with the dump tool of the new

> Basically, postgresql needs to be installed under /usr/pkg/pgsqlNN (or
> whatever directory name--so long as it has the version number), we
> need/etc/rc.d/pgsqlXX start/stop scripts, and so on.
> To make life easier for certain users, we might be able to work out
> some sort of symlink thing doing stuff like
>     /usr/pkg/bin/psql73		-> /usr/pkg/bin/pgsql73/bin/psql
>     /usr/pkg/bin/psql74		-> /usr/pkg/bin/pgsql74/bin/psql
>     /usr/pkg/bin/psql		-> /usr/pkg/bin/pgsql74/bin/psql

I'm not that sure about this, but that might just be me. ;-) But we also
need the infrastructure to build other packages against the different
PostgreSQL libs. That part is nearly complete (a modeled after

> but all sorts of details would have to be worked out about that. But
> Marc Recht said he'd work this out after the freeze, which makes me
> quite happy. Or if he runs out of time, I could probably find some
> time to work on this.

Since I'm going to vacation next week, don't expect anything soonish.
End of June would be realistic. But, I do need it for a work related
project - so it will come. ;-)


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