Subject: gtk2 and fonts problems
To: None <>
From: Dan McMahill <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/03/2004 00:48:11
Has anyone else had font problems with gtk2 programs lately?

I'm running on a 1.6.2 alpha and when running any gtk2 program,
even gtk-demo, I get:

** (gtk-demo:24016): WARNING **: Cannot open font file for font Helvetica 10

** (gtk-demo:24016): WARNING **: Cannot open fallback font, nothing to do

I have run fc-cache as instructed by fontconfig.

This wasn't a problem with gtk2+-2.2.0nb3 but is a problem with gtk2+-2.4.1nb1
but I don't know what all else may have changed in between then and now.

Any suggestions?